Tech Specs



2x EAW KF300 High/Mids (BiAmped) per side

6x EAW SB180 Subs (Aux Fed)

8x EV SxA250 Powered Monitors



2 Each: Crown XTI4002 and XTI6002



Midas M32 (Monitors typically ran from FOH, We can accommodate with a split if necessary durring




12x Chauvet Colorado 1 Tour fixtures, currently operating in 6ch DMX mode.

-Located appx 10′ in front of stage on i-beam.

Additional lighting available upon request during advance.


Stage Dimensions:

Stage Right to Stage Left – 25.5′

Upstage Curtain to Downstage Edge 13.5′


Stage Power:

3 20 amp circuits on deck, 2 on stage in floor mounted Edison.

2 20 amp circuits on downstage side of deck (these predominately serve to power wedges)