Wax Fang

Vectortone Presents

Wax Fang

Johnny Conqueroo, Brenda

Fri, May 12, 2017

Doors: 8:00 pm / Show: 9:00 pm

Cosmic Charlie's

Lexington, KY


This event is 18 and over

Wax Fang
Wax Fang
Wax Fang is the nom de plume of producer, composer, and multi-instrumentalist, Scott Carney. It began as a solo project with 2005’s Black & Endless Night, an albume-ette of quirky pop songs, grew into a three piece band for both 2007’s neo-classic rock non-cept album, La La Land, and 2012’s brooding Mirror, Mirror EP before becoming a two piece recording project for 2014’s space-rock opera, The Astronaut. Returning from an extended hiatus from performing live, the newest incarnation features Astronaut collaborator/co-producer Corey McAfee and a rotating cast of characters filling out the lineup.
Johnny Conqueroo
Johnny Conqueroo
NIGHT SCHOOL is the sophomore EP released June 17th 2016 by Germantown four-piece

BRENDA. NIGHT SCHOOL encapsulates the contagious garage-party-rock, catchy-lyricism

and thunderous percussive ASSAULT Louisville, KY audiences have come to expect from this


Recorded at Bitter Blood (Oldham County, Kentucky), NIGHT SCHOOL articulately captures the

anxiety ridden auto worker seeking out a cure through religion, medicine, higher education

eventually ending in the existential pursuit of desire. Finally settling on a runaway lifestyle with a

dirty haired girl from Louisville, KY.

Exploiting blown out, reverb soaked tones paired with fuzzy guitars and collaborative,

bombastic drumming, the production and arrangements found on NIGHT SCHOOL are focused

on minimalism and live performance.

With an eye-catching live show fueled by taut percussion and hook-some melodies,

BRENDA'S crisp, modern performance reverberates with charisma and charm while delivering

a WILDLY energetic garage rock blast.

Shelley picks a YELLOW bass

JC hits a TRAP

Matt melts a PLASTIC guitar

Brenda smacks a STOLEN bass drum and snare

From start to finish, Night School rolls out raucous, ramshackle anthem after raucous,

ramshackle anthem — fitting for late nights spent hitting the books, as well as for the wee

hours when the rave's in need of a second wind. None of this self-described "shotgun house

rock" — from the steady, reverb-laden charge of "top shelf", to the feel-good, throwback mania

of the title track, to the frenzied pummeling of "AUTOREPLY" — is for the faint of heart or

uncommitted, and Brenda know it. -Consequence of Sound

...an album that has a little ambiguity mixed into it's fuzzed out pop, which adds a nice flavor to

the pot. At times heavy, at times chilled out good times, B R E N D A is always interesting to listen

to. -Leo Weekly

Brenda is the kind of band you want to play at your house party; a house party you trash while you

get trashed... Brenda rocks fuzzy guitar riffs, big bass lines, and a standard drum kit with the

addition of a second bass drum and snare...At a show they're the ones you find yourself waiting

to get another drink for. You don't want to miss anything. -Louisville.com
Venue Information:
Cosmic Charlie's
723 National Ave
Lexington, KY, 40502